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Santria Retrospect 2023

Another year done!

Dear reader, welcome to the Santria Retrospect 2023! In beginning of 2022, I stepped back in my involvement in Cheekynauts Entertainment and Moonshell Island and went on a one-year hiatus. In beginning of 2023, I decided to return to Santria again. Sam is still helping with Portraits occasionally!

Prototying or What is not to be our next project!

See what we've done in the last months!

Welcome to 2022!

With 2021 finally behind us we wanted to share a little bit of insight what happened over at UmaikiGames this year following the launch of our first game Skellboy on the Switch in 2020!

Today we want to tell you about how we put a lot of thought into what our next game should be about and the prototypes that came of it!

The Year of the cute Skeletons

So, what happened?

Helloi you Oisters! Sabaku is here!

The end is near! 2019 is finally over, and I say finally because that means it’s only one month until UmaikiGames is officially a part of the “We released something”-Club! It was a long ride, 2+ years to be exactly inaccurate, but it feels like 2019 was THE year where everything came together.

I think looking back has great value in this instance, maybe because we germans LOVE Jahresrückblicke (end-of-year reviews) and can’t get enough of them, but maybe also because we feel especially in the Indie gamedev space where a lot of young, talented, passionate people come together and can feel lost quickly, perspectives are important.

And as said, a LOT of stuff happened this year.

Square Roots

Part 2: All about humans, step by step!

Hey again!

Second round of pixels incoming! This time it’s all about humans and whatever you can put onto them. As always, don’t wanna miss if I upload something new? Then you should visit my twitter!

Sabakus Pixeltutorials!

Part 1: Bushes, grass and other green stuff!

Hi Pixelpeople!

Do you wanna pixel? Perfect! Here are three parts of an ongoing series of pixel-tutorials I do in my spare time (because its fun). Do you have suggestions? Don’t wanna miss if I upload something new? Then you should visit my twitter!

Schottis first Interview on Santria!

I'm just a little bit mad its not about Zirkonia, I promise!

Happy new year from all of us!

Last year Schotti gave answers to some questions from GamemakerBlog about his charming game Santria. If you’re interested in his game and are eager to find out more about it you can read it here!

Your first game with Game Maker Studio 2

Part 2:Keyboard input and cursor movement!

Welcome to the second part of our Game Maker Studio 2 (GMS2) tutorial! In the last part, we finished the title screen draw and create a script for some font shadow. Today, we will continue with the implementation of some keyboard inputs and the corresponding cursor movement!

In this part we will learn:

  • how to use variables
  • more about scripts
  • how to use alarms in GMS2

Feel free to join this course and make your first steps as a game developer!

Your first game with Game Maker Studio 2

Case Study: Onna Gokoro (RPG Maker 2000)

Game Maker Studio (GMS) is a versatile integrated development environment (IDE) which allows the fast and comfortable creation of cross-plattform and multi-genre video games. Successful game titles like Hotline Miami, Undertale, Downwell, Nuclear Throne und Hyper Light Drifter were developed with GMS. Game Maker Studio 2 (GMS2) is the newest incarnation and can be already purchased as a beta build. GMS2 has an improved room and sprite editor and is a wonderful starting point for game development! This tutorial will help you to build your very first videogame! We want to remake “Onna Gokoro” in GMS2, a fairly popular german RPG Maker-game from Sabaku. You will learn different functions and possibilities of GMS2 during this course. Feel free to ask questions and leave a comment!

Hello World!

Hello World, our own website is here!

we’re proud to finally put our games into the spotlight, although not everything is finished yet! As time goes by, each game will get its own individual page with more than just some screenshots to show.

But for the time being, we will use our blog to communicate more about game design, video game Art and programming!

We will let you know about our game released and updates on this site and Twitter, so be sure to subscribe if you like what we are doing!